The power of the face is infinite. It can be used to convey an emotion, to build empathy, to sell, to persuade or call to action.  Most of my portraits are of people that I know who have inspired me, either from a one-time encounter or from decades of deep connections.  I am empowered by their character, uniqueness and strength.

charlotte, graphite, 16x12"

russel, graphite, 16x12"

shuranda, graphite, 16x12"

 isis looking at you, in progress, oil on wood, 48x48”

diamond girl, mixed media, 24x20"

gold leaf girl 1, mixed media, 12x10"

love that girl, mixed media, 20x24"

lapse of luxury prints, mixed media, 13x19" each

isis looking out, oil on wood, 24x24"

zita at 88, oil on wood, 18x18"

isis looking down, oil on wood, 12x12"

 isis wearing rosary beads, mixed media, 6x6x2”

same face in progression, oil on wood, 18x18"

isis looking at you, oil on wood, 48x48”

grace, oil on wood, 18x18"

same face, oil & wax on wood, 18x18"

hope, oil on wood, 18x18"

 brian, oil on wood, 18x18”

quiet mother in progression oil on wood, 18x18"

moving in and out 2, mixed media, 13x12.5"

shop girl, mixed media, 20x24"

bruges madonna tulipa, charcoal & pastel, 40x26"

bruges madonna with sophie, charcoal & pastel

bruges madonna,, charcoal & pastel, 30x25"

bruges madonna tulipa, charcoal & pastel, 30x25"