The self-quarantined time due to the covid-19 pandemic has given me the inspiration and focus to create mandalas. All the artwork is inspired by the natural surroundings of my backyard and woodlands in northern NJ. The genesis of the art mixed media comes from photographing my paintings, pastel drawings and mixed media, with nature in situ. The second phase begins with importing the images into the computer to build symmetrical compositions. The essential elements that inspire my mandalas are color, movement and light. In the final stage I make archival prints that are hand colored with pastels or metallic paints. Whether the colors and patterns are extreme or sublime, I want the compositions to give pause for unity, balance and wellness.

qbm: climbing hydra 1, 22 x22"

qbm: john lewis's last essay, 22x22"

qbm: world of delicate balance, 30x30"

qbm: balancing descent, 24 x24"

qbm: azalea center peace, 16 x16"

qbm: fern goddesses, 24 x24"

qbm: fern goddess, 24 x24"

qbm: mock orange revelation, 18 x18"

qbm: home sanctuary, 24 x24"

qbm: essence of water 1, 24 x24"

qbm: azalea harmony 1, 18x18"

qbm: ascending leaves 1, 18 x18"

qbm: ornamental beginning, 22x22"

qbm: ornamental glory, 22x22"

qbm: azalea head peace, 16 x16"

ocean mandala 1, 30x30"

backyard mandala 1, 30x30"

backyard mandala 3, 30x30"

qbm: heading west, 22x22"

backyard mandala 8, 26x24"

backyard mandala 13, 26x24"

backyard mandala 11, 30x30"