qbm: climbing hydra 1, 22x22"

qbm: world of delicate balance, 30x30"

qbm: balancing descent, 24x24"

qbm: john lewis's last essay, 22x22"

qbm: home sanctuary heading west, 24x24"

qbm: fern goddess, 24x24"

qbm: homage to greta, 36x28"

qbm: fern goddesses, 30x30"

qbm: abandoned rail line, 30x30"

qbm: sanctuary after the storm, 24x36"

qbm: essence of water 1, 24x24"

qbm: sage world, 30x30"

qbm: azalea explosion, 36x48"

qbm: ascending leaves, 18x18"

qbm: azalea head peace, 16x16"

qbm: azalea center peace, 16x16"

qbm: mock orange revelation, 18x18"

qbm: mock orange rising, 18x18"

qbm: backyard mandala 1, 30x30"

qbm: ornamental glory, 22x22"

qbm: backyard mandala 3, 30x30"

qbm: ocean mandala 1, 30x30"

The Quarantine Backyard Mandala series are created in my backyard and woodlands in northern NJ during the covid-19 pandemic. The genesis of the mixed media prints comes from placing my paintings, pastels and mixed media works with nature in situ and photographing them together.  The essential elements that inspire me are color, movement and light. In the final stage make archival prints that are hand colored with pastels or metallic paints. Whether the patterns are extreme or sublime, I want the compositions to give pause for beauty, balance, unity and wellness.