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Maureen Bennett is a visual artist who explores the natural world with drawing, painting, mixed media and photography.  She had her first solo show, “Transcendent Faces”, at Borghi Fine Art Gallery. She has exhibited at Site: Brooklyn Gallery, NYC, Monmouth Museum, Lincroft, NJ, Alfa Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ, Long Beach Island Foundation, NJ, Historic Walnford, Monmouth County Park, and at the Cultural Alliance of Western CT. She was the Artist-in-Residence 2021 for Oyster Point Hotel, Red Bank, NJ. 

Maureen, as an advocate for the arts, makes connections between global communities. She was the creator of the global traveling art project “Peace by Piece”, involving thousands of participants creating paintings and writings of personal expression about peace. She was the recipient of the NYC Circle of Mercy Award and has been awarded grants from the Puffin Foundation, the Bronx Council on the Arts,

The Center for Arts Education, NYC, and Susan K. Black Foundation, to support art as a transformative force for social change in some of the poorest areas of the country. She leads art workshops in NYC and NJ about social change and connection, climate crisis, nonviolence, wellness, peace and special needs. Maureen started her career in NYC as an Art Director in the retail, music and non-profit industries.


As an artist, my recent works are inspired by the natural world from my backyard and woodlands. Drawn to the beauty of this ecosystem,

I feel it’s magical and sacred. The stillness of the woodlands belies a system of constant change, an ebb and flow of nature’s rhythms. I’ve been deeply concerned about climate change and its effects, some subtle and others monumental. Utility companies have been mandated to clear trees from powerlines and proliferation of invasive plants and insects, such as Japanese knotweed, barberry and the emerald ash borer, have caused significant damage to the biodiversity. The environmental changes are real, but what’s so alarming is the speed.

I want my work to honor all of this.

When I was a child, there was a sole pine tree behind my home. I remember the adventuresome feeling of climbing that tree. When I’d jump down, I was left with a sticky golden sap on my hands. I didn’t have words for it then, but the vantage points were thrilling, magical and expansive. Now, I continue to explore new vantage points by experimenting with mediums and techniques. I choose to draw attention to the beauty of nature, in the hope of raising awareness and a call to action. 

I create with a consciousness; all living things have a continuous, connected thread to each other.

Maureen’s CV - click here, or download as a PDF

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