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mothers' trees, graphite, pastel & watercolor, 20x34"

vines 1, graphite, 30x25"

vines intertwined, graphite, 30x44"

branch composition 1, graphite, 30x44"

branch composition 2, graphite, 30x44"

vines 2, graphite, 30x25"

gravity and wind, graphite, 24x16"

germination, graphite, 21x20"

unrestraint, graphite, 18.5x18.5"

embodied vines, graphite, silver paint, 40x26"

emerging allium, graphite on plastic, 30x21"

sacred branch, graphite, 10x20.5"

rising, graphite, 24x34"

vines at dusk, oil, 48x48"

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