There is a meditative quality to these first few drawings since my technique is intentionally slowed down. The act of drawing is an homage to the wabi sabi of my woods whether with a singular fallen branch or a composition of intertwined vines in situ. I find beauty in the interconnectedness and decay. Recently with the intensity of the news, my lines are more fluid and fast. My process involves free flow painting combined with detailed drawing. The spirit of the watercolor combines with the graphite to capture opposing forces of movement and stillness.

vines 2, graphite 44x30"

vines 2, graphite 30x25"

vines 1, graphite 30x25"

embodied vines, charcoal & graphite 40x26"

branch composition 2, graphite 30x44"

branch composition 1, graphite 30x44"

seated figure with branches, oil on wood 24x32"

vines at dusk, oil 48x48"

flux and flow, watercolor & graphite 18x24"