rising, graphite, 24x34"

mothers trees, graphite, pastel & watercolor, 20x34"

vines at dusk, oil, 48x48"

flux & flow, graphite & watercolor, 18x24"

vines 2, graphite, 30x25"

embodied vines, charcoal & graphite, 40x26"

vines with leaves, graphite, 44x30"

vines 1, graphite, 30x25"

branch composition 1, graphite, 30x44"

branch composition 2, graphite, 30x44"

seated figure with branches, oil on wood, 32x24"

The act of drawing is an homage to the wabi sabi of my woods whether with a singular fallen branch or a composition of intertwined vines and trees in situ. There is beauty in the interconnectedness and decay. Sometimes my lines are fluid and fast and other times there is a meditative quality to intentionally slowing down to capture opposing forces of movement and stillness.