This series of paintings and drawings is my response to chance discoveries.  It is propelled by my search and fascination with holes found in leaves and branches.  My process is organic and intuitive, allowing the flow of the watercolors, at times directed by gravity, to lead me.  The subsequent drawing is a journey of emerging images.  My thoughts, sometimes conscious or unconscious, view the world shifting from all the global changes.

a time to sew, watercolor & pen, 17.5x24”

a time to speak, watercolor & pen, 16.5x24”

a time to mourn, watercolor & pen, 11x17”

a time to laugh, watercolor & pen, 17x24”

a time to sow, watercolor & pen, 17x23”

in search of the perfect circle, watercolor & pen, 16.5x24”

a time to create, watercolor & pen, 20x20”

a time to heal, watercolor & pen, 16.5x24”

a time to unite, watercolor & pen, 16.5x24”