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 isis wearing rosary beads, mixed media, 6x6x2”

shuranda, graphite, 16x12"

russel, graphite, 16x12"

charlotte, graphite, 16x12"

erica, graphite, 16x12"

same face, right side, oil and wax on wood, 18x18"

isis looking down, oil on wood, 12x12"

zita at 88, oil on wood, 18x18"

isis looking out, oil on wood, 24x24"

same face different woman, in progress, oil on wood, 18x36"

isis looking at you, oil on wood, 48x48”

quiet mother, oil on wood, 18x18"



zita in color at 88, oil on wood, 18x18"

isis trio in studio, oil on wood

grace, oil on wood, 18x18"

esperanza, oil on wood, 18x18"

wall of women series 1, mixed media, 36x36"

 isis young mother, mixed media, 2.75x13.75"

heidi taking the call, mixed media, 2.75x13.75"

catherine, oil on wood, 10x10"

hope series, mixed media on wood, 6x18x2.25"

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