I respond viscerally to trees; the beauty, strength and power is restorative and sacred.  My backyard has undergone serious changes from storms and subsequent losses due to mandated clearing for power lines.  In an attempt to capture the shifting landscapes, I'm always experimenting with materials such as wood panels, silver mylar, metallic inks and wax.

woodlands steadfast, acrylic on wood, 18x24”

woodlands infusion, acrylic on wood, 24x32” 

three cedar trees, acrylic on wood, 32x24”

metallic light series 1, mixed media, 16x10.5”

kousa memory, oil & wax, 12x12” 

metallic light series 2, mixed media, 16x10.5”

metallic light series 3, mixed media, 16x10.5”

silver woodlands 1, acrylic on mylar, 41x53” 

mother’s tree, acrylic, 30x40”

in the stillness, charcoal & pastel, 48x32"

still remains, pastel, 32x24"

winds 1, acrylic, 18x18"

winds 2, acrylic, 18x18"

winds 3, acrylic, 18x18"

wedding winds 1, acrylic, 18x18"

wedding winds 2, acrylic, 18x18"

wedding winds 3, acrylic, 18x18"

the wave, oil, 12x12"

beyond the backyard, pastel, 44x30" 

wedding landscape, pastel. 30x44"

walking between, pastel, 30x44"

three moons, pastel, 30x44"

sunset, pastel, 24x30"

tall trees, pastel, 22.5x13” 

blue moon, pastel, 10x11"

chelsea abstraction, pastel. 30x24"

diagonal abstraction, pastel,, 20x30”

three ovals, pastel, 17x22"