This series of paintings and drawings, created during the pandemic, is a back and forth response to the beauty and wonder of growth and aging. In Search of the Perfect Circle, my first and only piece painted in 2019, was my fascination with the holes in many leaves and branches. My painting process is intuitive, allowing the flow of the watercolors, at times directed by gravity, to lead me. The subsequent drawing is a journey and discovery of images that emerge. My thoughts, sometimes conscious or unconscious, view the world shifting from all the global changes.

a time to sew, watercolor & pen 17.5x24”

a time to speak, watercolor & pen 16.5x24”

a time to mourn, watercolor & pen 11x17”

a time to laugh, watercolor & pen 17x24”

a time to sow, watercolor & pen 17x23”

in search of the perfect circle, watercolor & pen 16.5x24”

a time to create, watercolor & pen 20x20”

a time to heal, watercolor & pen 16.5x24”

a time to unite, watercolor & pen 16.5x24”